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Event Management


  • Sign up for multiple events at the same time
  • Support online payment and use with a smart card
  • Different charging methods: discount/per-time charges/monthly charges
  • Mobile app: support online/offline roll call, and synchronize roll call records after the even
Project Management


  • Service plan: service objects, plan goals, concepts, etc.
  • Service content: team, case (visit, service, treatment, evaluation, etc.)
  • Service report: performance indicators, target achievement level
  • Establish milestones, financial and personnel budgets, etc.
Case Management
  • Customized case management cycle
  • Allow multiple review/acting reviews of cases
  • Service evaluation/meeting/referral record
  • File upload
Membership Relationship Management


  • Support multiple membership relationships, multiple identities,
  • Keep complete membership records across
  • Custom membership and fees
Statistical Analysis


  • Export reports that meet SWD requirements
  • Provide real-time data
  • According to user permissions to view the data
  • Export data based on the cut-off date/fiscal year/ Project/fund management/donation
Receipt Management


  • Consolidate all receipts: membership fee / event registration fee / borrowing fee, etc.
  • Reprint/reissue receipt
  • Export to Excel